Quantum Humanics – Life Values


By Cdr Amod Kumar Chaudhary (Indian Naval Veteran)

(The Writer is retired Naval officer with wide and varied professional career experience. He is passionate about philanthropy and envision  new management ways for human beings)

The ever ethereal opposite social values of good & bad, right and wrong and virtue and vice have been a motive force in charting the path of human evolution.  In different era the concurrent religion, philosophy, social & political systems have been casting over binding impact of such relative values in the society.  Cumulatively, we have been twined to this division of opposites (positive & negative) deep in human thoughts, action and deeds.

This unrelenting trade-off, of the perceived fundamental life values have been a root source of all the human conflicts, discord and division in the past and no less even today. 

Cumulatively, this streaming of human behavioural values have been supplementing and augmenting the division and judgment at conscious and sub-conscious level, which is the root cause of the ever pervasive division and incoherence among humans.

The immense social impact of this human evolutionary trait needed to be assessed in terms of root cause theory.   What really is good & what really is bad? Good is seen as an intrinsic outlay of human behaviour and bad is more of an intellectual concept than reality – absence of good is bad, like absence of light creates darkness. 

The Quantum value of the good (Positive) and bad (Negative) eventually converts to a subject matter, instinctively creating division in the social fabric thereby augmenting conflict, strife & rage all around.

Time has arrived to understand this subject in a larger perspective and create awareness about the play and dynamics of the socially judged opposite life values, in over all game plan of life on earth.  Dwelling into its dynamics, we would know that bad is not bad as it eventually creates good.

For understanding this further, a corollary needs to be drawn to science. The periodic table list around 114 basic elements that constitutes creation of everything in this world.  Each element has its distinct number/value of Protons(+ve) and Electrons (-ve) that gives each element a distinct proprietary value & character. The uniqueness of elements and interplay of these reverberates the creation of infinite creativity & evolution of all that exists.  Similarly the interplay of the positives & negatives of 8 Billion lives (Human Elements) on our planet pushes human to next level of evolution. This play of positive & negative is the essence of creative & evolutionary dynamics of life – the force of God.  

Now it is imperative that alike Quantum Mechanics, we understand the new field of “Quantum Humanics”,   to push life to next level. Thereby the resultant yield of love, compassion & acceptance enhances by formulating the life

Values of opposites, through a new kind of neutral education & training, which shall de-addict the human mind of cumulative impact of past social prejudice. This would be a new form of education to correct the never ending conflict in society and to make human life more objective and non-judgmental. 

This awareness should herald a call to human scientists, sociologists, psychologists, spiritual leaders & the civic society to work on the new field of education “Quantum Humanics”.

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