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Eye care educative program held for students by AIIMS Rishikesh and ACOIN

Radhika Nagrath

Haridwar based social organization, Muskan foundation, held an eye care educative progam today at Delhi Public School Ranipur with the help of a team of doctors and staff from AIIMS Rishikesh. The department of ophthalmology AIIMS Rishikesh in collaboration with Association of community ophthalmologists of India (ACOIN) gave tips to students for their eye care. Also free eye care screening was done for the students of class ninth.

Speaking to the Pioneer, President of Muskan Foundation Neha Malik said, “We organize such awareness programs on regular basis. In fast pace of life many children ignore certain things which they must do every day to protect their eyes so this eye care camp was held today with the help of ACOIN and AIIMS Rishikesh.”

Dr Swapan K Samanta, Professor and head Raigarh Government Medical College gave tips to the students for their self check up of the eyes to check distant and near vision and make changes in diet to keep eyes functioning efficiently for long. He also gave the check points when their family members who cross 40 years of age must get their eye check ups done.
Dr S K Mittal, head of Ophthalmology department AIIMS Rishikesh told the students for minimizing their screen time as far as possible by not playing games on mobiles. Dr Stuti Anand, DR Arnab Garai, Dr Shreya Mishra and others helped in the educative eye care program.

Anupam Jagga, the principal of DPS Ranpur motivated the students to remember the twelve point formula related to eye care given by the doctors and be a sensitive citizen towards blind people. Arti Bhatla and Dr Jyotsna Mehrotra judged the students for their learnings from the session. ACOIN awarded the students with certificates of appreciation. A copy of Bhagwadgeeta and souvenir was shared by the Muskan foundation to all the team members and host school welcomed the team with bouquets.

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