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Flying fairy Aarti Saini is teaching self-protection tips to girls belonging to rural environment

Martial arts Wushu national coach Aarti Saini has been dedicatedly engaged for many years in teaching self-defense and sports skills to girls living in rural areas and is giving free training to economically backward girls. Aarti has instilled confidence in the girls belonging to rural environment. Aarti Saini is also famous among these girls by the name of flying fairy. In fact Aarti Saini performed a miracle which was not possible. Aarti is doing the work of gathering economically weaker girls living in Kasturba Gandhi Vidyalaya and other hostels, playing and creating awareness among them about self-protection and instilling confidence in them. The Government of India has given the slogan of Khelo India, to implement which Aarti Saini is working like an ascetic.
Aarti tells that she has been interested in sports since childhood. Aarti Saini, a resident of Alipur Aterna, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, wanted to become an air hostess, she also took training for it. But her family members belonging to rural environment did not allow her to work as an air hostess. On which Aarti Saini took a pledge that she would instill confidence in sports and self-protection among the girls belonging to rural environment and she was successful in this objective and she also got the support of her family members in this work. Aarti Saini herself has received special training in the martial art Wushu and has won many titles at the national level. And later she received special training as a Martial Arts Wushu coach and today she has made her mark as a coach and selector in national and international level competitions and holds many positions in the Martial Arts Wushu Association. Aarti Saini has proved her mettle by organizing two competitions at the national level and several competitions at the state level in the martial arts Wushu. She has taught self-defense skills to women personnel in PAC, Civil Police and other government institutions and has led many teams of Wushu martial arts. Have prepared. Which is raising flags at provincial and national level. After marriage, Aarti Saini came from Muzaffarnagar to Missarpur village of Haridwar district as a daughter-in-law. But with her soft behavior and sports skills, she made people her own and today she is earning fame as a player, sports coach and self-defense. . He has also been honored by many organizations for this contribution.

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